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Training Focus.

Four areas of development:

  1. Attitude. We assist you to establish a powerful belief in your self and sharpen your survival instinct.
  2. Fitness. We will increase your physical ability to go longer, faster and harder against a resisting opponent or force. This is done at your pace and in accord with achievable goals.
  3. Skills. Through solo forms, partner drills, pad-work and free sparring we help foster the skills needed for the job. Our system employs kicks, punches, knees, elbows, chops, palms, grapples, throws and sweeps. In conjunction with the above we will instil in you an extensive defence method which neutralises the opponents limbs and centre of balance.
  4. Tactics. This attribute is driven by our brain. Our Coaches support you through physical and mental scenario training. Utilising role play for the street or ring yields massive benefits.|

Class Breakdown:

  • Warm up > light circuits and group drills.
  • Forms > including the footwork, new thought, bridge search and pierce strike forms. Wooden man via personal tuition.
  • Applications > isolated (single mode - attack & counter).
  • Spar drills > integrated (with mobility on both sides).
  • Padwork, Self Defence and Detection arms > resistance, personal safety & tactile reflex training.
  • Free sparring > emphasis on tactics, timing, control, free movement, offence, counter offence & defence.
  • Warm down > finish. 

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