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Master Coach Joe Segar

Became enthralled with martial arts during the 70's Bruce Lee boom. Learnt elements of Aikido and Chinese Kickboxing then started training in Wing Chun Chinese Boxing in December 1990.

Joe opened the Godalming club in September 1994, he competed in full contact 'Sport Kung Fu' during the 1990's.

Also studied the major grappling arts as well as boxing and modern combat.

A big advocate of Sport Fighting and has coached a number of successful students from Godalming in this area.

He is also the Head Trainer at

Joe is well versed in personal safety training and self protection. He has combined his security experience with the psychology of violence, making this his primary area of expertise.

The Godalming Club is supported by Master Coach Graham Digby-Jones (Purple Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and Master Coach Greg Lam.  With Joe they create an exciting and energising environment.

Joe places great emphasis on attitude, conditioning, skills and tactics at this friendly training centre.

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